Portable Museum Programs

Portable School Programs: We'll Bring Local History to Your Classroom!

Portable Programs are free for all Elmhurst Schools and $25 for all other groups. Museum staff or volunteers bring interactive, history-related programs into your classroom. Programs can be customized to your curriculum or area of study. The current lineup of Portable School Programs includes:


Kids take a fascinating journey through Elmhurst history through artifacts and hands-on activities (Grade 2-4).

Becoming an Immigrant

Pack a trunk with German immigrants from the 1800s to learn about what people brought to the New World (Grade 2-4).

Old-Fashioned Games

Students learn how children of the past played through games and toys such as cup-and-ball, spinning tops and hoop-and-sticks (Grade Pre K-5).

Download the Spring 2019 School Programs Brochure.

To schedule a Portable Program in your classroom, please contact Jessie Wandersee, Supervisor of Education Services, at 630-530-6879 or via e-mail at EHMeducator@elmhurst.org.

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